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Living life with allergies comes with a lot of worrying. This worry do not only affect the person with allergies, but also their families and people in their surroundings that are expected to act in case of an allergic reaction. Adrenalinas’ cases fit a clear and customized instruction for how to medicate an allergic reaction, to create an increased sense of safety in all life situations. 


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Safety for Everyone

The allergic person can feel safer knowing that an instruction is available at all times to guide others in case of an allergic reaction, even when he or she can not communicate due to chock or unconsciousness.

Family and friends can feel safer knowing that the allergist will be given the right medication in case of an allergic reaction when they are not present, and knowing that the instruction is there to support them in medicating if they are present.

People in the allergic person's surroundings can feel safer having the instruction to guide them to medicate properly in case of an allergic reaction.


Are you Traveling?

The template is today available in Swedish on one side and in English at the other side of the instruction card, so that you can switch language easily when traveling outside of Sweden!

You are unique,
and so is your allergy

That is why you shall formulate the instruction together with your allergy doctor, to ensure that You get the right medication for Your allergy. 


Click HERE to read more about how to formulate the instruction.

Temperature insulation layers

Epipens’ shall be stored in temperatures between 0°C and 25°C. To protect your medicines are Adrenalinas’ cases designed with two temperature insulation layers. The first consists of a plastic foam and the second of a metal film, these layers are laminated together to contribute to an increased temperature insulation.

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