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Adrenalina's case is compact and designed to make it easy for you to bring you medicines at all times. It also fits credit cards, for situations when you don't feel like bringing both your wallet and medicines in a pocket or smaller bag. Always with an easy feeling and space for two Epipens, for your safety.

Designed after Epipen size

It shouldn't have to be clumsy to bring your life saving medicines. To make the case as easy as possible to take along, the design is made to fit two Epipen injectors in a compact way with minimized dimensions. Easy and safe at the same time!

Wallet & medicine case in one

Adrenalina's case fits credit cards on its back side, so that you can easily access them without opening the case and interfere with your medicines. By keeping your credit cards on the medicine case, the wallet can be replaced to make your belongings easier to bring.

Easy, but still safe

Safety first.  According to a survey*, about 40% of respondents bring along only one adrenaline injector even though their doctor recommend to bring two. With Adrenalina's case, can two Epipens be stored and brought along in an easy way. For your safety.

* A survey conducted in Sweden 2018, where 52 allergists with prescribed adrenaline injectors responded.

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