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Safe, discreet and easy case for Epipens and allergy medicine


  • Dimensions designed to fit two Epipens.
  • Credit card holders.
  • Material: imitation leather. 


Please observe that the case fits adrenaline injectors from Epipen and Jext, but does not fit Emerade. We are currently investigating the possibilities for developing another case with dimensions to fit Emerade.

Case for Epipen & Allergy Medicines

399,00 krPrice
  • Adrenalinas case for allergy medicine fits two Epipens, medicines in pill form and a clear customized instruction for how to medicate allergic reactions. The instruction is formulated together with your allergy doctor, a folder with information for the doctor is included in the delivery of the case. Additionally, a charm with a medicine symbol to attach to the zipper grip is included to incrase visibility. The back side of the case fits credit card holders.

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